1965 Sportsman Camper in Tallahassee, FL

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Last Updated: 11/11/18

Asking Price: $450

1965 Dodge A100 Camper For Sale in Tallahassee, Florida

Key Features
  • Model Year: 1965
  • Body Style: Camper
  • Odometer: 36,000
  • Engine: 226
  • Transmission: Manual
Seller Details
  • Ad Source: Direct
  • Type: Private Owner
  • Contact: No Longer Available!
  • Phone: No Longer Available!
  • Email: No Longer Available!


More Information & Additional Pictures

TOTALY COMPLETE PARTS CAR_TRUCKI!!! Serial number 2662040765 (That is what it says on the id plate by driver’s seat) See Pix!! I take that number to mean 1965. Correct me if I am wrong. This is as all original Sportsman Camper Van complete in every detail that I can see. And I mean “COMPLETE”, never wrecked but it does have rust, so you need to want this for precious parts not to restore. Don’t say I didn’t tell yah!! You will probably never see another example this complete this cheap.

Everything is there from the key in the ignition, hubcaps, sun-visors, air filter on engine, battery tray top. It probably has the original gas in the tank from 1998 when it was last tagged in Florida (Tallahassee).  The only thing I don’t see is a spare tire, but there is a spare tire rack on the front, mounted to the bumper and the letter “D” is missing off the dodge emblem on the back door.  The only vehicular damage that I can see a slight twist-bend to the right rear bumper end, outside of the bracket.

There is NO TITLE!! This truck came into a buddy’s scrape metal yard right as they were going out of business and I saved it from being crushed. I just couldn’t stand to see it be crushed. I had driven one in another buddy’s glass business years ago and had fond memories.

The camper body would appear to have a lift top (I have never tried lifting it!) and all the camper stuff in place, sink, table, bed Etc. I have never tried to crank it since it came to me 15 years ago, but it had the key in the ignition and a dead battery in the box & I used to see it running around town. Getting it running by me just never happened. I have other antique cars and trucks. The picker that brought it in said the owner died!  Not the truck!! The odometer says 03622.3

Low bid price !! I would like to see it gone to a good home before I go home!!

Buyer can leave the truck here before pickup for up to 6 months with the understanding that I will not be responsible for its care or protection during that time should any natural disaster occur due to wind, fire, flood or metal eating termites.

At the end of the first listing period, I received offers to buy a couple of parts from this truck for 400 dollars, “HELLO!” Don’t let this one get away, despite what your wife says. I just washed the outside of this van yesterday for the first time ever, so I had to run my hands over the whole outside surface and it is better than I thought. There is virtually no dents, excepting one little scrape with bondo above the bumper back left corner (see pix)

The front cap is gorgeous! I guess the tire rack keep things from impacting the front. I put a jump box onto the battery cables at the battery box, the dash instruments came up’ I turned the key and the starter solenoid chatters, but it did not turn over after sitting for 17 years .I ran my hands under the front doors and found no major rust there.  So the front t doors are good. The worst rust is in the top drip rails and the two front door threshold corners under the doors where the water collects.

I repeat, I don’t think you ought to buy this to restore it, but to have a fantastic parts source the likes of which you will never see again. Nice arm rests, rear view mirror, and grab strap over the glove box on the dash.


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