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Extended Wheelbase Compact “A108” Cover

A108 Brochure Cover


Dodge A108 Extended Wheelbase Van

Dodge A108 Extended Wheelbase VanThe Dodge A108 king-sized van is especially designed to fill the needs of people who carry long, bulky cargoes.  Particularly dry cleaners, carpet installers, electricians, plumbers and carpenters.  Dodge A108 offers 10 feet of sheltered, flat cargo space.  (As a matter of fact, with the passenger seat removed, there’s nearly 14 feet of load space for extra-long items.)  The longer, 108-inch wheelbase provides excellent load distribution for better ride and handling.  An optional Dodge 318 V8 engine makes the A108 the world’s most powerful compact van.  Of course, all the traditional Dodge toughness, dependability and economy are included…which simply means that, with the new Dodge A108 extended wheelbase van, you get a lot more truck for your money.


  • 170-cubic-inch, 101-horsepower Slant Six engine
  • Three-speed manual synchromesh transmission with column-mounted shift lever (Model A903)
  • Self-adjusting brakes with dual braking system and warning light
  • 3,000-lb.-capacity rear axle with tapered roller bearings and flanged axle shafts
  • Oriflow shock absorbers at all four wheels
  • Fresh air heater/defroster
  • Heavy-duty hinges on all passenger and cargo doors
  • 30-amp alternator (37-amp, V8)
  • 53-amp-hr, twelve-volt battery
  • Driver’s armrest
  • Front and rear bumpers, enamel finish
  • Turn signals
  • Door locks on all doors
  • Padded instrument panel
  • Dual, padded sun visors
  • Backup lights
  • 4-way emergency flasher
  • Driver’s full-foam, bucket seat with seat belt
  • Dome lights in driver compartment and load area
  • Driver compartment headliner
  • Rubber floor mat in driver compartment
  • Glove box with door
  • Coat hook
  • Single electric horn
  • Hubcaps, enamel finish
  • Spare wheel and tire
  • Dual outside rearview mirrors, enamel finish
  • Left- and right-side fresh air ducts
  • Variable-speed electric windshield wipers with nonglare arms and blades
  • Windshield washers
  • Cargo doors, right-side and rear
  • Ammeter, temperature and fuel gauges; oil-pressure warning light
  • 21-gallon fuel tank



The widest cargo doors in the compact van field!  Rear and side cargo doors on the Dodge A108 van swing wide to give a 51.5 inch opening.  Plenty of access to the A108’s big 256-cubic-foot cargo room.


Flat, free of annoying distortions.  Easy and less expensive to replace.


A full-depth-foam bucket seat, covered in tough, black vinyl, is standard on the driver’s side.  A matching right-side bucket seat is optional, at extra cost.


Dodge A108 van gives you a choice of three transmission: the standard 3-speed manual; the 3-speed, heavy-duty manual; and the famous Dodge 3-speed LoadFlite automatic.


A thick fiber glass blanket, topped by heat-reflecting foil, covers the entire inner surface of the engine compartment for a cooler, quieter cab.


A hefty, 3,000-lb.-capacity rear axle is standard on the Dodge A108 van.  Anti-spin differential and a 3,600-lb. rear axle are available as options.

  • 225-cubic-inch, 140 horsepower Slant Six engine
  • 318-cubic-inch, 210-horsepower Dodge V8 engine
  • Heavy-duty, 3-speed manual transmission (Model A745)
  • Three-speed LoadFlite automatic transmission (with dashboard-mounted selector)
  • Anti-spin differential
  • One-quarter oil-bath air cleaner (V8 only)
  • 37-amp alternator (6-cyl.), 46-amp or 60-amp alternator (6-cyl. and V8)
  • 59- or 70-amp-hour battery
  • Two-tone paint
  • Chrome finish, front and rear bumpers
  • Chrome finish (or enameled) front bumper guards
  • Tinted windshield glass
  • Auxiliary heater (hot water) for the cargo compartment
  • Dual electric horns )replace single horn)
  • Interior rear view mirror
  • Dual Jr. West Coast rearview mirrors
  • Transistorized radio
  • Self-retracting door step below curbside cargo doors
  • Passenger’s seat, full-foam, bucket-style with seat belt
  • Passenger armrest
  • Undercoating
  • Stainless steel wheel covers
  • Oil-pressure gauge



This custom package includes a cigar lighter, chrome finish horn ring, stainless steel hubcaps, additional interior insulation in the driver compartment and a cargo compartment headliner.

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  1. Any suggestions on 68 A108 engine compartment insulation ideas? We are in Texas and the compartment get HOT.

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