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The Dodge A108 offers a wide variety of different door and window combinations.  Each has been designed to suit a particular need.


Dodge A100 VanVAN

With windowless curbside and rear cargo doors-standard.  Fixed glass windows in rear and side cargo doors-optional.  In addition, swing-up windows in rear cargo doors only-optional.  Also available with a 3rd set of cargo doors (left side) with or without fixed glass windows.


Dodge A100 Panel VanPANEL VAN

With rear cargo doors only.  Windowless cargo doors standard.  Fixed glass or swing-up windows in the cargo doors-optional.


Dodge A100 Vision Van CurbsideVISION VAN – CURBSIDE

Windows along curbside only; left side remains solid metal panel.  With cargo doors and curbside cargo doors.  (Optional, fixed glass or swing-up windows are also available for rear cargo doors.)


Dodge A100 Vision VanVISION VAN

Fixed glass windows all the way around, including rear and curbside cargo doors.  Or three sets of cargo doors (rear, curbside and left-side).  Swing-up windows in rear cargo doors only-optional.


Rear cargo doors are standard on every A108 model.  These doors are available with* or without windows.  Curbside (right) cargo doors are available on all models except the A108 Panel Van.  Left-side* cargo doors are available only in combination with rear and curbside cargo doors.


Fixed glass* cargo-door windows are available for any pair of cargo doors. (rear, curbside or left-side.) For greater air circulation within the van, rear cargo doors can be equipped with swing-up windows* that are hinged at the top.

*Optional at extra cost


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Dodge A108 Door & Window Options

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