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Dodge A108 Compared to Dodge A100A WIDER SELECTION FOR YOU – Now Dodge offers you compact vans in two sizes…Dodge A100, on a 90-inch wheelbase with an 8 1/2-foot loadspace, and the new Dodge A108, on a 108-inch wheelbase with a longer 10-foot loadspace.

Both the Dodge A100 and A108 compact vans give you the identical standard, optional and safety features.  Both offer the same ease-of-handling, the same famous Dodge dependability and toughness.  Both give you a long run on a gallon of gas, as well as a low initial price.  (A108 is priced slightly higher than the A100, of course.)

Consider the bulk and the length of your loads.  Then decide.  Which one of these tough Dodge compact vans suits you best.

Dodge A108 Compact Van

DODGE A108 COMPACT VAN – Here’s a lot more of a good thing!  Here’s extra load-carrying length…10 feet of loadspace (nearly 14 feet, with right front seat removed).  Plenty of room for ladders, lumber, carpets and those long, bulk things that just won’t fit in the shorter compact vans (like the Dodge A100).  Both the A100 and A108 offer a lot more power than competitive compact trucks.  The optional Dodge 318 V8 (210-hp) engine makes them the world’s most powerful compact vans.


A100 vs A108 Dimensions



Wheelbase 90″ 108″
Tread, front/rear 60.83″ / 60.71″ 60.83″ / 60.71″
Exterior, overall length 171″ 189″
Exerior, overall height (at front wheel) 76.73″ 77.43″
Interior load length, seatback to rear door (closed) 102″ 120″
Interior, height 52.1″ 52.1″
Interior, maximum width 67.7″ 67.7″
Interior, width between wheel wells 48.82″ 48.82″
Interior, load capacity 213 cu. ft. 256 cu. ft.
Cargo door opening – height (side) 47.34″ 47.34″
Cargo door opening – height (rear) 47.16″ 47.16″
Cargo door opening – width (side and rear) 51.52″ 51.52″
Turning radius (curb-to-curb) 35.4 ft. 41.4 ft.
Payload capacity – maximum 2,140 lbs.* 2,175 lbs.

*with 5,200 lbs. GVW pkg. (optional at extra cost)

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