is an authority site for the classic (1964-1970) Chrysler made Dodge A100 nameplate.  This site features a current and archived classifieds, A100 resources and information about Dodge A100 pickups, vans, campers and parts.


Site Purpose & Mission

AvatarOn top of being the place to find out all about the classic Dodge A100, this website is designed as a resource for finding Dodge A100s For Sale. Our classifieds features Dodge A100 pickups, vans, campers and parts for sale across the United States and Canada.  This includes A100s listed directly to via our Ad Submission page including ads reposted from Craigslist, eBay Motors and other classifieds sites.

On top of being a current classifieds we also archive and segment ads as a record keeping service and research tool for future buyers and sellers.  The idea is to provide a rolling fair market value calculator for various condition A100s in different locations.  We also keep our database for build ideas, technical information and general viewing enjoyment.


Using our Site

Our is ideal for use on both desktop and mobile devices.  There are slight differences in navigation between the two.  For both desktop and mobile you can use either the black or blue bar navigation for accessing our resources and key website pages.  On both you can also use our search box to not only navigate these pages but also our classifieds as well.

To see ads segmented by model year, body style, parts or featured listings you can use our grey bar navigation on desktop.  Similar links along with ads segmented by location are also in our sidebar.  (This area is at the bottom of each page for mobile devices.)  You can see recent posts in our footer along with basic Dodge A100 facts.


Viewing Listings & Contacting Sellers

When you click on any of our segmentation links or use our site search function you will be presented with the ten most recent ads.  You can click on the image or post title to see the full ad.  Please take note of the original post date along with the “Last Updated” field.  We keep older ads on this site and while we do our best to remove seller contact information and mark ads as SOLD we miss some ads from time to time.

Keep in mind also that we repost ads from other classifieds and in many cases the contact emails will expire after some time.  If you find an older ad that has outdated seller information let us know on our Contact page.  Additionally if you are a seller and would like your personal contact information removed regardless of sold status, let us know and we will remove it right away.  (Please be sure to include a link to the ad when contacting us for expedited service)

You are free to contact us about ads or comment below them; however take note of the ad source.  If it is reposted you are unlikely to get the seller to notice by commenting.  Your best route for getting information about a particular A100 is to contact the seller directly.  We also provide the best contact information we have available.


Our Forums

We have created a very basic forum on this site with various discussion topics and bulletin boards.  Feel free to Register with our site and then Login to create topics and reply to current discussions.  Please be respectful and keep topics relatively focused on the Dodge/Fargo A100 nameplate.  If we find anything outside the bounds of normal good taste or something way off topic; we will delete the topic and remove your account.


Website Disclaimer:

This website is designed to be the ultimate resource and guide online for buying and selling Dodge A100 pickup trucks, van and campers. This includes hosting original vehicle listings as well as republishing ads from 3rd party websites such as Craigslist and eBay Motors.

This site, its owners or advertisers are not directly involved in the physical sale of any vehicle. This website is simply provided as a tool to facilitate buyers and sellers connecting for the transaction.

In addition, this website is not endorsed by or affiliated with the Chrysler or Dodge brands nor is it certified by Craigslist, eBay or other classifieds resources. The use of trademarks and brand names is executed in accordance with the Fair Use clause of The Copyright Act of 1976. As this site is educational in nature, use of this copyrighted material is covered under this clause. All trademarks belong to their respective owners. Please view our Terms and Conditions for more information about copyright and material presented on this website.

In addition, is not required to post every ad from other websites or listings posted directly. reserves the right to reject or refuse certain ads if they are not in good taste, do not meet the quality guidelines of this site or are not in the business interests of its owners, advertisers or licensors.