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1965 Dodge A100 Pickup & Van Brochure Cover

1965 Dodge A100 Brochure Cover

14 Reasons Why Dodge Builds Better Compact Trucks (Pages 2 & 3)

More Power1. MORE POWER – A hefty 101 horsepower (170 cubic inch) Dodge Slant Six engine is standard in all Dodge compact truck models.  Dodge also offers a more powerful 140 horsepower (225 cubic inch) Slant Six and a 174 horsepower (273 cubic inch) V8.  Both are optional on all A100 models at extra cost.  All three of these engines will give you satisfying fuel economy combined with the toughness and dependability that distinguish all Dodge truck engines.  Engine location is at the front of the truck.  The engine compartment is extremely well insulated against both head and noise.

2. MORE DURABILITY – Dodge compact trucks have many features that add up to extra durability never before found in a compact truck.  Among them are: body channel reinforcements for trucks built to handle maximum payload; sturdy, heavy-duty door hinges on all passenger and cargo compartment doors; the only heavy-duty, 3-speed manual transmission in the compact truck field; and Chrysler built Oriflow shock absorbers, front and rear, on all models.

Bigger Paylod3. BIGGER PAYLOAD – While few owners ever load a compact truck to its maximum capacity, it’s good to know that Dodge compact vans, pickups and wagons have a bigger payload capacity than most other compact trucks.  Even more important is the extra strength built into each Dodge compact van, wagon, and pickup.  Not only does Dodge offer you greater payload, it also offers you more cargo space, plus loading and unloading convenience that will save you time and money.  All Dodge compacts are equipped with a rear axle built to handle heavy loads.  This big margin of extra capacity means additional durability and long life.  Among the many premium features of this axle are tapered roller bearings and flanged shafts for longer bearing life and easier accessibility to the brakes.

Bigger Brakes4. BIGGER BRAKES – Dodge compact trucks have far and away the biggest brakes in the compact field.  Not only do bigger brakes mean greater safety, they also mean longer lining life, fewer relining jobs, lower upkeep costs.  In addition, Dodge compact truck brakes are self-adjusting.  As you back up and stop, the brakes are adjusted automatically when necessary.  This feature lets you enjoy the safety of properly adjusted brakes, and it frees you from the annoyance of routine brake adjustments.

5. MORE INSULATION – If you have ridden in the typical compact truck, you know what a problem engine noise and heat can be.  Not so with Dodge.  The Dodge compact truck interior is comfortable.  A heavy blanket of fiber glass insulation both over and around the engine effectively reduces noise and heat and provides a quiet truck office.

More Comfortable Seats6. MORE COMFORTABLE SEATS – Front bucket seats are standard in Dodge compact truck models.  (Driver and passenger seats in wagons and pickups; driver’s seat only in vans.)  It’s hard to believe such seating comfort, durability and good lucks can be combined in a truck seat.  But it’s true!  The same skill and thought Dodge puts into the seats for its biggest trucks have gone into these vinyl-covered, full-foam bucket seats.  We invite you to see for yourself, at the wheel of a new Dodge compact truck.

Tougher Transmissions7. TOUGHER TRANSMISSIONS – You have the choice of three transmissions in Dodge compact trucks.  Each of them provides smooth, quiet operation and exceptionally rugged construction.  A 3-speed manual is the standard transmission and is used in combination with the standard 101 horsepower engine (except with maximum GVW equipment).  A heavier-duty, 3-speed manual is required with the optional 140 hp Slant Six and 174 hp V8 engines.  This heavy-duty transmission is also required with the 101 hp engine when the truck is equipped for a GVW of 5200 pounds.  Also optional at extra cost, with each engine, is a 3-speed automatic transmission with selector lever and quadrant mounted on the dash, directly in front of the driver’s right hand.

8. LARGER WHEELS AND TIRES (Optional) – In additional to the standard 6.50 x 13-4 PR tires, all Dodge compact truck models can be equipped with 7.50 x 14-4 PR, 6.70 x 15-4, or 7.10 x 15-6 PR tires, at extra cost.  The 15-inch wheels and tires are larger than hose available on any competing compact trucks.  The benefits of the larger size tire are many.  They give a smoother ride under a much wider range of road conditions; operating costs are lower because tires last longer; traction is better because there is more rubber in contact with the road.

A Heater That Works9. A HEATER THAT WORKS – It’s been the unhappy experience of many compact truck owners that there are heaters that (1) don’t heat very well, or (2) are very much in the way of their feet, or (3) offer combination of both disadvantages.  Now compact users can take heart.  Dodge has come to their rescue with a compact truck heater (optional) that provides plenty of warm, fresh air and is tucked away, leaving plenty of room for feet.  A high-level intake and full-size plenum chamber supplies clean air for the heater and ventilating system.  One small additional touch is that this ventilating system has two outlet doors as standard equipment.  On some other makes, the second door costs extra.

10. BETTER CORROSION PROTECTION – Dodge compact body structures are thoroughly protected against rust and corrosion by a multi-step corrosion protection process.  Underbody rails, sill panels, wheelhousings at front steps, rear spring front supports, the plenum chamber, lower cowl side panels, center cowl side panel and wheelhouse extensions at fender openings are galvanized.  All exterior and interior surfaces are Bond-erized and given two coats of epoxy primer before painting.  Zinc-rich primer is also applied to the full length of under-body side panel mating flanges: left side on van and wagon – both sides on pickup.  Factory-applied undercoating is available on all models.

Sservice Accessibility11. SERVICE ACCESSIBILITY – The Dodge compact truck’s battery is fully enclosed and placed behind the driver’s seat.  To make checking and servicing easy, the driver’s seat is hinged at the front so it can be folded forward, out of the mechanic’s way.  To facilitate major servicing of the engine, both engine cover side panels can be removed.  Because most of the engine service points are on the right (or curb) side, the passenger’s seat is hinged so it can be folded forward out of the way.  Routine engine servicing is done by opening the engine cover, which is hinged at the back and has a quick release latch at the front.

Larger Fuel Tank12. LARGER FUEL TANK – The gasoline tank on the Dodge compact models has a 21-gallon capacity.  This is nearly three gallons more fuel capacity than any other compact truck’s, and almost twice that capacity of one competitor’s.  The larger fuel tank in Dodge compact trucks saves valuable driver time waster on frequent refueling stops.

Warranty13. 5-YEAR OR 50,000-MILE WARRANTY – Dodge is America’s first compact truck manufacturer to back up durability claims with this kind of warranty coverage; Chrysler Corporation warrants for 5 years or 50,000 miles or 1500 hours of operation, whichever comes first, against defects in materials and workmanship and will replace or repair at a Chrysler Motors Corporation Authorized Dealer’s place of business the engines (i.e., block, head and internal parts), intake manifold, water pump, flywheel, flywheel housing, clutch housing, torque converter, transmission (i.e., case and internal parts, excluding manual clutch), drive shaft, universal joints, driving axle and differential, and drive wheel bearings of its new Dodge A100 compact trucks, provided the owner has (1) the engine oil changed and the oil-bath-type carburetor air filter cleaned every three months or 4000 miles, whichever comes first, (2) the engine oil filter replaced and dry-type carburetor air filter cleaned every second oil change and dry-type carburetor  air filter element replaced every 24,000 miles, (3) the closed crankcase vent system cleaned and serviced every 4000 miles, and (4) the transmission and driving axle lubricants changed every 32,000 miles.  The foregoing services must be performed more often when reasonable required due to severe dust or regular “stop-and-go” operation.  Every 6 months the owner must furnish to such a dealer evidence of performance of the required service and request the dealer to certify (1) receipt of such evidence and (2) the truck’s then current mileage.

14. A VERY COMPETITIVE PRICE – Somebody said it: “Good things come in small packages.”  Dodge compact vans, wagons and pickups are just about as small outside as competing compact trucks’.  But inside, Dodge compact trucks are a lot stronger, safer and roomier-and a lot more comfortable.  You’d expect Dodge’s compact trucks to cost more because of this.  But their models are priced very competitively.


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  1. just got hold of a 1969 dodge a108a . a very good vehicle. but needs a cuddle .very much so. I love it. but why is it so expensive to get spares for ir I live in scotland. and found its 2 or 3 times price for part for posting ? ….

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