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DODGE 101 HP SLANT SIX (170 cubic inches) is the standard engine for all A100 models.  Most owners will find that this engine will give ample power for around-town runs, combined with maximum fuel economy.

DODGE 140HP SLANT SIX (225 cubic inches) gives you additional horsepower at a very modest additional cost.  Despite its extra spunk, the 225 retains the gasoline economy for which all Dodge Slant Six engines have become famous.

DODGE 174 HP V8 (273 cubic inches) delivers the ultimate in compact truck power.  Yet, the engine compartment remains exactly the same size!  This new Dodge Truck V8 is remarkably smooth and quiet.

Like all engines available on Dodge A100 models, it runs on regular gasoline.

Engines Driveline


Standard transmission with the 101 hp (170 cu. in.) engine is a quiet, smooth-shifting, 3-speed manual (Model A-903) with shift lever on the steering column.  A heavy-duty, 3-speed manual transmission (Model A-475) is offered for 101 hp engines on models with maximum GVW equipment.  The same heavy-duty, 3-speed manual is standard with the optional 140 hp Slant Six and 174 hp V8 engines.  Also available (at extra cost) with either 101 hp, 140 hp or 174 hp engines is the famous time- and mile-proved LoadFlite 3-speed automatic transmission (Model A-727).



Clutch: A 9.12″ diameter clutch, with an area of 71.8 square inches, is standard with the 101 horsepower Slant Six engine.  A larger clutch, with a diameter of 10″ and an area of 100 square inches, is included with the 140 hp Slant Six and 174 hp V8.  It is also required with the heavy-duty manual transmission when it is used with the 101 horsepower Slant Six.

Wheels and Tires: Thirteen-inch wheels and 6.50 x 13-4 PR black-wall tires are standard.  But, while this size is more than adequate for most buyers, there is often a need for a bigger wheels and tires.  So Dodge provides you with a choice of 14-inch wheels with 7.50 x 14.4 PR tires, and 15-inch wheels with either 6.70 x 15.4 PR or 7.10 x 15-6 PR tires.

Brakes: Dodge compact trucks come with brakes of two different sizes.  With a 3800- or 4600-pound GVW rating, the service brake area is 195.2 square inches.  With the highest GVW rating of 5200 pounds, the brake area increases to 213.8 square inches.  In both cases the parking brake area is 97.6 square inches.  Additionally, these brakes are simple to adjust, when needed.  Just back the truck up and stop; the brakes are adjusted.

Alternator: Each Dodge compact truck engine is fitted with a 30-amp. alternator instead of a conventional generator.  The alternator charges over a wider range of engine speeds, helps keep the battery more fully charged at all times, assures quicker, surer all-weather starting.  If you need additional electrical energy, you can have your Dodge compact truck equipped with the extra-cost optional 40-amp. alternator.

Dodge compact trucks have unitized bodies, meaning there is no separate frame.  Each body structure is thoroughly protected against rust and corrosion by a multistep process.  Underbody rails, sill panels, wheelhousing at front steps, rear spring front supports, the plenum chamber, lower cowl side panels, center cowl side panel and wheelhouse extension are galvanized.  All exterior and interior surfaces are Bonderized and given tow coast of epoxy primer before painting.  Factory-applied undercoating is available on all models. 



Chassis Features & Instrument ControlsDodge compact trucks are equipped with the finest quality instruments, carefully arranged on the instrument panel for easy reading.  An oil pressure gauge is optional (at extra cost), replacing the warning light.

On trucks equipped with the three-speed manual transmission, the shift lever is mounted on the steering column for easy operation.

When a Dodge compact truck is equipped with the 3-speed LoadFlite automatic transmission, the control lever is mounted on a quadrant on the dashboard.  The lever is placed directly in front of the driver’s right hand for quick, convenient gear selection.

On all Dodge compact truck models, the pull-up hand brake lever is floor-mounted to the right of the driver.

If you are planning to buy your compact truck equipped with a heater, let us say a few words on the subject.  Some compact truck heaters have cold reputations.  They either don’t heat too well, or they get in the way of the driver and passenger, or they do both.  We have taken great pains with our heater to make certain it supplier ample heat and is well out of the way of everybody’s feet.  We mounted it high, under the dash.  Its air supply is taken in at a high level to keep exhaust fume intake down, then circulated through a plenum chamber.  Try our heater, and see how efficient a compact truck heater can be.  A separate and equally efficient cargo compartment heater is also available at extra cost.

Dodge A100 Spec Sheet

Check out the last page of the 1965 Dodge A100 brochure for a full spec sheet breakdown.  This includes technical data on engines and transmission along with all available power train combinations.  Also listed are the technical details for both standard and optional chassis equipment.  Lastly all wheels and tires options are outlined.

Dodge A100 Spec Sheet


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