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  1. need to find drop spindles for 68 a100 van and are thay the same for 68 1/2 ton pu? anyone know who has them for sale

  2. Looking for parts ’68 Travco Family Wagon .hammock,pads for step at front door,fan for rear,owners manuel What do you have?πŸ‘

  3. Looking for body parts,panels. Have two A100 pickups,one 7 window cab. Any info welcome. Found a Web site for a Dodge graveyard some time ago but lost it, they had acres of old vans and I can use those parts.

    • Can you give me help on deciphering a dodge 100 id tag, I’d like to buy the truck but I am not sure the tag belongs to the van. What does 110 mean in the upper rt hand corner of the id tag mean?

      • I have a 70′ A100 and there is a number that ends with a 10 in the upper right corner of the body tag. The first digit is hard to make out. I think it is a 210 for the HP rating.

    • wildcat auto wrecking in Sandy Oregon has nothing but old dodge plymouth and chrysler cars and truck in it. I saw more early dodge A 100 vans than I have seen anywhere. look them up. you sometimes have to pester them a little to get a reply.

      • Thanks for the post here I jjust bought a 1968 A100 pick up running and pretty rust free however I can’t find parts.

    • Got it in Hudson Fla, make me an offer im close to Tampa,St.Petersburg florida Make offer nice unit no dents plus ship or u pick up also have other parts see my ad in parts.

    • i have 1970 turn key 340 auto with electric power steering lots of chrome body is excellent with no patch panels and no rust every interior is done nice every thing works give me a call 717-649-0104 i am in PA

  4. Looking for a shift cable… Does anyone out there have an extra one???? Help.
    Project almost completed but can’t drive it without shift cable. It’s a 1965 A100 pickup. Thankx

  5. any tips on where to find a transmission mount for 727 hooked up to a 318 on a 1967 A100 Van?
    Also looking for a replacement Throttle Valve linkage for this setup…

  6. Does anyone know of a power steering & power brake conversion for these vans & pickups? The original power steering set-up was the slave cylinder & valve type, but I would like a more modern system since the originals are like hen’s teeth to find. I would like to put disc brakes on the front but would settle for the drums with power assist. I have a 68 A108 with a 318 & 3 on the tree (soon to be replaced with a Torqueflite). Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! Mitch

    • Hey John are you still looking for bumpers? I have a set that are in pretty good shape just need a little TLC.

    • Hi! I also have a 68 A108! 318 with 3 on the tree. I am not sure what is the correct tire size for these vans but in my parts book is shows 13″ (can you believe 13″ on one of these!!), 14″ & 15″ wheels. I have 14″ with 205 tires but these are way too small in my opinion and it rides like a lumber wagon but I don’t think these vans ever rode like a Buick! Large 14″ radials in the 225 size are almost impossible to find now days, but I found a set of 5 NOS 30+ year old Sears tires with a 1″ white wall awhile back at an auction. Still have the blue protectant stuff on the white walls! Probably use them as ‘display only’ tires since they are so old. I have decided to to with 15″ Chrysler road wheels and get some much easier to find 215 or 225 tires for it. So, if you have 14″ wheels, try to get the largest tires available or switch to 15″. Enjoy your A108! Mitch

  7. Looking for stainless trim #2584594 for a ’66 Custom Sportsman van. It’s the lower right side between the back doors and the side molding under large side windows.

  8. point I have a ?68 A100 pickup top sucks complete. need 2 give or sale away. is a 5 window I have all was a v8. have all radiator trans 318 skid plate 323 gears new gas tank and sender. new front window seal. seats batt. box b hind seat seat frames. new and on headlamp doors grille bumpers there dash sucks but have prts side doors ok have extra glass and parts was hell 2 find. o a 800.00 new streering column old and I do mean old belted new tires 5 spoke mopar Road runner wheels. no kidding tires r new older than hell. I have kept armoralled. have a 33k 318 block and a 727 trans all has sat for a long time. needs windshields but do have new seal spit window new all engine covers and seats seat mounts batt, box b hind driver seat.o and a drive shaft . trans a shaft flange type . o and new head lamp doors park lamp lens tail lamp lens also new it coet me $$$$$$$$$

  9. Any advice will be appreciated, I have a 1965 A100 and considering 17” Torque Thrust wheels over the 15” wheels any tips on figment would be appreciated.
    17” w/ 225/55R17 (Front)
    17” w/ 235/65R17 (Rear)

    Thoughts ?

  10. Hi Everyone.
    I’m after a external sun visor for a A100 with brackets to mount.
    Can anyone help me with a supplier to order from… Sorry I’m in England & have No such luxuries over here..!

  11. Hello everyone!
    I recently purchased a 69 A100 pickup with manual steering and manual brakes.
    Does anyone know of a power steering set up and a power brake set up for these trucks?
    Any information would be helpful.
    Thank you!

    • I have been looking for the same thing for my 68 A108 van but have not found anything. Many years ago I was looking around on line and found a sight that the guy had put a K-member out of a Volare or Aspen under his van so he had disc brakes, independent torsion suspension etc. I had marked it but later went back and his sight had been taken down. I know someone has done disc brake conversions on the Dodge trucks in those years but they say they will not work on the A series vans or pickups. The original power steering set up is complicated and not that great. I guess I will keep looking.

      • i put electric power stering on my 1970 a11 tk works great and i put 4 wheel disc brakes on it to they sell the brake kit on ebay i can get you the info on the steering 717-649-0104

  12. Looking for saveable tailgate for 62-68 Dodge a-100. I also have nice clean fuel tank, dash shift and cable complete and steering column with box, wheel and pitman arm for sale, have two stock rims clean, and engine compartment metal less hood. have seat mount driver, misc parts and most dash equip gauges speedo, switches. lets talk, Im in Tampa Bay area

  13. Looking for a set of passenger side front seat brackets complete and a tilt out side window for my 70 A108. Mitch

  14. Im thinking of buying a ’69 100 w/ a new 318 & std trans. Being an old gearhead, i went looking for a old dodge van tech forum. i think i found it.
    if i buythis tomorrow, you will be hearing from me. im on other tech boards- ford 6, for years, and HD tech boards.
    right off the bat, i need a drivers side windshield. ill be putting a limited slip unit in it, and pick brains here about a few engine mods that will free some ponies, and increase milieag. when i hopped up my old Econo, the 300 6 went from 12MPG and a listed 115 HP- couldnt use the OD unless you were going downhill- to 17-19 MPG and 185 horses according to Desktop Dyno…..
    i believe these crates have 14 inch wheels- 15’s will be fitted……

  15. Every tech board ive seen for a specific type has different subcatagories: Engine, driveline, electrical , suspension- so conversations can be better followed. Parts for sale/looking for” would have its own, etc.
    I JUST bought a desert ’69 A100 (im 70, my first dodge) w/ a brand new 318 crate engine, and 3 sp….. and do i have questions. like- CAN i squesse skinny 15 in wheels in there? like 7.50 /15 yokohama lt truck radials?
    Id like to know that.
    Its getting dual exhasts right off- thats a silly pieces of pipe of an ex. system stock…..
    but…… having to scroll thru ALL the postings, covering a dozen different subjects…. how would ya know?
    Just an observers advice. I have a stake in a well tuned a100 tech board…….

  16. I am looking to buy a 64 through 70 Dodge A100- pickup, pay top dollar for restored clean licensed Street legal

    • i have one for sale turn key you dont need to do anything to it 717-649-0104 1970 dodge A100 pick up won many trophies give me a call

  17. I’ve been thinking about putting an engine in the bed of my 68 a100 pickup. I want it to install it backwards using a v drive. Has anyone done this on this site? If so is it worth the hassle and how does it handle. The first thing everybody looks for at the shows is there β€œA blown Hemi β€œ in the bed. I do have a small plastic Hemi out of a RC boat in it! Hahaha

  18. I’m looking for a roof rack that would go well on my 65 A100 window van. I’m hoping to put a solar panel in the middle on the rack to hide it from obvious view. Any recommendations where to find one?

  19. 1965 A100 van slant 6 Hi, can someone post a picture of the voltage Regulator hooked up? My uncle changed the voltage regulator out and believes he may have crossed up 2 wires. Or a picture of a blow up wiring schematic. Or tell me what wire go where. Also I need a front right windshield.

  20. Is the ( metal dye) stamping the same on a 1965 A100 van the same as a 1968 A100 van. I want to graft the roof to another crossing those two years mentioned. I would cut some where in the pillars.

  21. Trying to get my 64 A100 pickup on the road after sitting in a farmers field in NC for 33 years.
    What are you guys doing for the dog house insulation. I know there are a couple pre-cut kits out there but didn’t want to spend $150.00 if there is a do it your self option that works well. I asm running headers and expect that i may have to wrap them also???

  22. Is there a stock trailer hitch for the A-100, or perhaps a different bolt on Dodge bumper with trailer hitch that will fit?
    My old 69 van had it built into a heavy duty bumper.

  23. i have a turn key 1970 A100 tk for sale 340 auto need nothing i am in PA it never had any patch panels very rust free tk to much to list give me a call 717-649-0104

  24. I am looking at buying a 1968 dodge A100 van with a 318/auto
    My first time in the van market. Is there anything special I should look for when going to inspect this van? Special rust areas? Special parts that are always missing? Things to check for out of the ordinary?
    Thank you

  25. Are there any after market manufacturers who make frames/ body panels, everything you would need to build an A100 pickup from the ground up? Ive seen places that do this for ford and gm vehicles.

    Also, did Dodge ever sell an A100 pickup with a manual transmission AND a V-8 engine? Ive never seen one white borwsing listings.

  26. Has anyone done a wood floor in the bed of an A100 p/u? If so, what kit did you use? Thanks.

  27. Greetings from Florida…..I need a carburetor for 1968 A100, but would really like one with an electric choke. Anyone have some info on that? Thanks, Stirling.

  28. Hi, I’m in Utah, have loved the A100 vans, big Mopar fan! Finally got me a ’69 panel but needs alot of love/parts to get on the road. Came with the 6 cyl out, no gas tank, radiator. I’m thinking those 2 items will be hard to find. Want to put a 360 Magnum/carb in it, already has the auto trans in.

    Well, hope this site gets off the ground, I’m looking for a good forum to join!

  29. Super Longshot. Looking to find my old Dodge Van. 1970, 8 door. Was a Gold “ish” Brown color when I had it. I sold it in Poulsbo, Washington in 1984. Like I said, super longshot but I am willing to put the effort in to see if it can be tracked down. Any suggestions really appreciated. (I dont have VIN).

  30. Looking for two rear corner windows for a A100 pick up. Anyone got any laying around they can part with?

  31. Hello. I am in the process of attaining a ’68 A100 Camper. The body as far(as what’s visible above the mud) I can tell; it’s dent and terminal rust free. Going to have it transported to my place. Supposedly ran, rebuilt 318, with AT. This is a early LAZY DAZE RV. The Camper shell’s aluminum is fine, but the wood walls definitely needs to be replaced. I initially intended to buy aas a parts vehicle for a A100 truck I have. I hate to see this piece of history get dismantled, so if there’s someone out there who feels the same way and is interested in it; email me with an offer. I can send pics to interested parties. It’ll be safe at least until spring. Thanks

  32. Hello. I’m just now getting into these older Dodge vehicles. I believe that I have now an addiction.
    I bought a ’74 Travco, a ’64 (’65?) A100 5 window PU and just recently, a ’66 A110, Sportsman with a Lazy Daze Camper built onto it. All are currently “intended” Projects of different degrees.
    I was wondering if there is anyone out there that has any background history or Info on the ’66 Dodge Sportsman LazyDaze?
    I’ve seen one AD for it, By the LazyDaze Company, online.
    My original intention on getting this particular “House Car”(LAZYDAZE’s AD DESCRIPTION), was to part it out and use parts for the ’64-’65 PU. But as I look at the “HOUSE CAR”, I’m getting more fond of it, and maybe considering restoring it(???? yes, “Road of good intentions…etc. LOL).
    Anyways, the house part of the camper(wooden interior), definitely needs replacing. Mechanically, I think the PU is a little further along. Only because I haven’t delved into this camper yet.
    Other than my wife giving me the “rolling eye” look, I’m trying to decide on which vehicle to sell(?). The PU or the Camper?
    If there is someone out there who can give me some PROS and CONS of each I’d appreciate it.
    I will try to post pictures later (currently having issues with my phone).
    Mi Email iz “lemon lime homer 70 at hawt male dot calm” (one word),

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