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Other Related Sites we Own & Manage

If you are a fan of the Dodge A100 pickup you will probably also like the Ford Econoline version.  You can check out our site similar to this one at for more information.

If you like the Dodge A100 Camper or are looking for a similar vintage camper van you should check out either for Volkswagen Type 2 (T2) Campervans or for various early and late model Ford based Class B Rvs.


Dodge A100 Parts For Sale

Displayed below are various resources for finding new or used parts and accesssories for sale.  If you want to check out parts listings on this site check out our Parts section.

Popular eBay Auctions

for the Dodge A100 hub on eBay or see the most popular auctions below.

Click on the link above to go directly to the A100 section.


Third Party Information Sites & Groups

Outlined below are of a few 3rd party websites focused on or containing information about the Dodge A100 nameplate.

Sweptline is an old school site but has a ton of great information about 60s era Dodge pickups and vans.  A worthwhile page of note is the A100 History page along with the Forum A100 Truck and Van Discussion.

This site is focused primarily on the Xplorer 21 motorhome based on the Dodge A108 van.  It was only produced in 1969 and 1970

Dodge/Fargo A-100 & A-108 Yahoo Group

This is a long standing Yahoo group (founded in 2000) that promotes ownership, usage and restoration of the Dodge A100.  This is a restricted group so you can only see the content if you join.

Dodge & Fargo A100 Van Club

This Facebook page hasn’t had a post by the owner in a while, however the community is decent sized and post pretty regularly.


Third Party Articles

Listed below are a few articles written about the Dodge A100 including general overviews and specific build outlines.


If you have any other useful articles, resource pages our a website dedicated to the Dodge A100; please leave them in the comments section below…



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