Displayed below are the images and text from an original Xplorer 21 Brochure.  Credit goes to OldDodges.com for hosting the original images.  To see our other brochures check out the pages below.

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XPLORER 21 Cover Picture

Xxplorer 21

Passenger Car Size…Powered By Dodge

Take the oldest and most basic desire…the urge to XPLORE…research it, develop it and refine it.  Then measure it’s effectiveness and prove that people respond to this instinctive desire with the new XPLORER 21 Motor Home.

Here is a passenger car size motor home that is economical and of superb Fibra-Foam-Core construction.  A Dodge A 108 van conversion with a fiber glass sandwich roof and rear with urethane foam insulation makes the XPLORER 21 virtually indestructible.

Total utilization of space gives the XPLORER all the essentials; shelter, a private bathroom, light, refrigerator, means of cooking and you have them all first class.  The XPLORER is a self-contained motor home that can be used daily as a second car.  Here is a recreational vehicle in the modern aero-dynamic design by Frank, made especially for the new breed of traveling public.

Xplorer 21 Floorplan

Travelability With Contemporary Flair!

It’s not the Hilton.  There’s no bell boys, elevators, expensive food or tin wrapped sap to take your bath.  No tipping problems.  Kids can look like kids and bring Rover.  It doesn’t cost $35, a night either.  But it’s home with all the goodies you’re use to; except the neighbors and their kids.  Let’s forget the odd jobs.  If you ready, the XPLORER 21 is the beginning of a new way of life.

With definite snob appeal the XPLORER is crackling with interesting and persuasive features.  It’s refreshing to know there is a kitchen, bath and a 6′ 3″ double bed.  Enough storage to suit your wife and even room left over for our things.  And if you want there’s room to sleep up to six.  It has a furnace to keep you warm and cozy; and running water too.  You’ll feel free just knowing you can use it in the morning, afternoon and at night.  There’s no need to spend hours of preparation; just go whenever you have that instinctive urge to XPLORE.

For the young viewpoint there’s also a powerful engine to drive you around the city, or create envious hysteria and go around the world.  When relaxed, and richly soothed, bring your XPLORER home and park it in your garage.

So come on…be charmed.  Stir up brisk excitement with a motor home designed with tomorrow’s look today; at yesterday’s cost.  A totally new way to feel revitalized.  Run Away! Escape in your XPLORER 21.  Go find the action or find tranquility and peace in this atomic world.

Driven to conclusions you’ll probably play forever in your XPLORER 21 Motor Home.


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